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Introducing Kanahoma Casting

The Easiest Way to Source the Best Student Stories

Everyone knows that real stories make great marketing, but who has the time to source them? Kanahoma Casting is the industry's first — and only — full-service solution for sourcing and celebrating real student and alumni stories.

We engage with your students and alumni on your behalf, casting, engaging, and vetting the very best stories from your community. We then deliver to your team a comprehensive Casting Book featuring dozens of incredible stories, all ready to be used across your marketing channels — organic social, paid social, landing pages, web, email marketing, video, streaming, and more.


How It Works:

  1. Casting Call

    In collaboration with your organization, Kanahoma develops a web-based casting survey to be distributed to your students and/or alumni.

  2. Community Interviews

    Through a multi-round process, Kanahoma interviews, vets, and selects standout stories, generating a short list of the very best stories from your community.

  3. Casting Book

    Kanahoma develops a rich, engaging digital book with student or alumni profiles, complete with name, photo, location, program, class year, pull quotes, story, and more.

  4. BONUS - Campaign Activation (Optional)

    For partners looking to fast-track creative to market, Kanahoma works directly with your students and alumni to create user-generated content for delivery across your marketing channels.

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