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A Better Production Company for Education

Kanahoma Productions is one of the industry's first - and only - education-specific production companies providing full-service solutions for everything from small projects to multimillion-dollar productions. Our production company was developed by industry experts, with a track record of world-class and award-winning work, to better serve organizations in the education industry.


How We're Different:

  1. We Produce Content Libraries

    Marketing needs more than a single 30-second commercial. That's why we've combined photography with videography to produce an asset library - dozens of hours of footage and thousands of images shot in a wide variety of formats and styles, all logged, tagged, and organized - so your team can produce great work all year long.

  2. All-Access Approach to Production

    We're proud to offer an all-access approach to production. What does that mean for you? It means you own 100% of everything we shoot. At the end of our work together, we'll share every second, every shot, and every working file, so your in-house team can pick right up where we left off.

  3. Student & Alumni Casting Solution

    We've designed Kanahoma Productions to stitch in perfectly with Kanahoma Casting, designed to source and celebrate your best student and alumni stories. From sourcing the stories to telling them on camera, our team brings their expertise to organizations looking to elevate authenticity and celebrate their community on screen.

  4. Industry Expertise

    Kanahoma Productions is the brainchild of Kanahoma CEO Seth Odell and long-time industry leader Mark "Hank" Hankey, two industry experts steeped in experience curating world-class creative talent to support education-specific production work.

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